Are Normal People Helpless?

When the term “normal people” is used I am referring to the average Joe. There are special types of people who are incredibly gifted, intellectually and skillfully. These people have the tools to create change. Take Bill Gates for example. He applied himself so efficiently that he has changed the world. Steve Jobs had such a creative mind and the brains to go with it that he changed the face of technology forever. Yes, these people like Albert Einstein were geniuses and applied their intellect to help make life easier and better for people. They changed the world. 

So what if, like me, you’re an average Joe. You have no particular set of skills, like outrageous brain function, but you do want to change the world. 

When someone is so focused and inspired to succeed in a certain area but does not have the appropriate tools to make ideas function efficiently, are they helpless? Since I saw the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006 I have never stopped thinking of ways to prevent and stop global warming. The thought of the world ending due to our reckless decision scares me if I’m completely honest. The effects our decisions are having on this planet are disastrous. “An inconvenient Truth” was made by Al Gore in 2006 and the statistics shown in the documentary were  catastrophic. 6 years have passed now and little change has been made to combat our destructive lifestyles. 

In school I ran for green school prefect, coming up with ideas but making little change due to lack of resources/ finance (TOOLS!). Simple ideas like more bike racks cost €600. New bins that contain 3 sections for different types of waste were to expensive to invest in. Just like my secondary school, institutions are not copping on to the urgency of this crisis. Companies that are paying attention to the environmental forces are impacting positively in our society, such as IKEA. They have put the time and money into new environmental policies and are reeking the rewards.

People, families, communities and companies must invest in simple (perhaps costly in time and monetary terms) methods to cut down on energy waste and physical waste. In my house this January the central heating system broke for nearly two weeks. We saw this an opportunity to get rid of our inefficient machine that was only working at a 50% efficiency rate and replaced it with a a more environmentally friendly heating system that worked at full capacity and could be split into 2 heating sections in the house, one section being kitchen and sitting room and the other being the bedrooms separately. As the most recent gas bill arrived, it proved already that we were saving money and energy. The one mistake we made was being reactive and not proactive. We were in a false economy thinking that we could not spend that kind of money until we were forced to. Realistically we would have saved much more money by deciding to take action 3 years ago when the boiler started giving us problems. 

Just by doing this my family and I made a difference. I may not be a super intelligent scientist with the capacity to invent technology that will cut carbon use and reduce our dependence on nonrenewable resources, however I am driven and ready to spread awareness and take steps to prevent disastrous consequences like global warming.

At the same time I am still hoping that gifted intellects will emerge and create new innovations to help save this planet from it’s dire future. 

If women were able to fight for rights and men fought and continue to fight for democracy, why can’t we come together and as Al Gore said “be active citizens” of change. “Change the light bulb, and change the law”Image


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