Climate Change / Ireland / Natural Disasters / Sustainability

Changing Everything

Naomi Klein speaks about soon using tax payers money to fund recovery from natural disasters caused by climate change inevitably bailing out the irresponsible actions of corporations… sounds familiar.

As much as I support business and a person venturing out to make some extra cash, a sense of responsibility has to remain among the world of commerce. The journey for riches must not make us blind the effects in which we obtain them. The possibility of the average joe having to ONCE AGAIN clean up the mess of companies that fail to take the planet and it’s inhabitants into consideration is not only saddening but terrifying.

Klein suggests the polluter pays. Is this just? Evidently the companies like Exon are not transitioning to the use of renewable and cleaner energy, however are we creating enough demand for these companies to change their ways? What do we have to say and how loud do we have to shout until they hear? Not only do we have to demand the transition but we cannot allow oil and gas companies remain unscathed regarding the mnetary consequences of these climate disasters.

Respectively, we must change out attitude towards energy regarding the type and how much we use as well as discussing the matter of natural disasters now rather than later. Cork and Galway are only two of many cities experiencing the worst floods in decades. A €3 million clean up was needed after the floods in Ireland occurred last spring. That is just the beginning if the suggestion of temperatures rising another 4-5 degrees Celsius come true. Having grown accustomed to the Irish mentality of reaction than proaction, it is only when society realises that their money is going towards clean ups around the country in years to come  that they will finally speak. Honestly, I hope this is far from the case and that we act now. Having said this, more efort is needed in the case of informing and raising awareness.

The goal would be to create a culture throughout Ireland, similar to that of Germany and The Netherlands, of sensibility and care. We are lacking the mass sense of environmental importance. Once we can grow that, the possibilities of creating a more sustainable society is far more likely.


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